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One of the best parts of planning your wedding isn’t looking for a venue or planning seating arrangements. For most couples, it’s shopping for the items on your Gift Registry. As a couple you may squabble over who makes the guest list or what caterer to use. But, it so much fun to walk around a store with a scan gun picking out the gifts that will make your living space a home! And it’s a welcome reminder that the wedding planning is a means to an end. The end being, your lives joined in MARRIAGE!

One of the best wedding gifts we received was a bottle of Vintage Champagne, 1982 Billecart-Salmon, Blanc de Blancs, to drink together on our anniversary. We didn’t wait until our wedding anniversary, (don’t tell…) but we did celebrate that we found each other, made it through planning our DIY wedding and the first half of our first year of marriage in one piece. It was delicious and it got me to thinking. Why don’t we offer an Anniversary Wine registry?  We don’t have a fancy scan gun that you can take through the store on a shopping spree-like frenzy, but we can help you hand pick wines for your major anniversaries: 1 year, 5 year, 10 year, 15 year, 20 year, 25 year, etc… and give your guests a chance to give you a gift that stands the test of time and reminds you to celebrate the major milestones of your Marriage!

With that thought, I’ve compiled my dream Anniversary Wine List:

1 Year (Traditional gift “Paper”) :

2008 Manincor, Moscato Giallo, Italy – A delicous dry Moscato from the Alpine region of Alto Adige in Italy, near Verona, where we honeymooned. We poured this at our wedding and it has a rich, nutty character. Make it traditional : drink out of Paper cups and toast you made it to ONE YEAR!

5 Year (Traditional gift “Wood) :

2008 Braida, Bricco dell’ Uccellone, Barbera d’Asti – A barrel aged Barbera with deep brambly berry fruit and a complex spice character. We stayed at the Vineyard the first 3 days of our honeymoon and had a dream-like experience there! Make it Traditional : Barrel-aged wine is perfect for this tradition, with it’s nice Vanilla Oak flavors!

10 Year (Traditional gift “Tin”):

2008 Col Vetorraz, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene – Bubbles that we shared on our 1 week anniversary at Cangrande Ristorante in Verona. Make it Traditional : Take it outside under the stars & drink out of Tin Camping cups, you’ll never forget it.

15 Year (Traditional gift “Crystal”) : 2002 Billecart-Salmon, Blanc de Blancs, Champagne – Vintage champagne takes on caramel and nutty flavors with age and the bubbles soften into delicate pearls. Make it traditional : This is the perfect time to break out those Crystal Champagne flutes and let the bubbles flow.

20 Year (Traditional gift “China”) :

2006 Pelissero, “Vanotu,” Barbaresco – Another great Vineyard we visited in Piedmont. This wine reminds me of Balsamic over berries with a rich core of fruit and complex spice characters. The tannins will soften on this over the next 20 years, making it velvety and delicious. Make it traditional : Break out the China and make a meal worthy of such an amazing accomplishment and such a Wine!

25 Year (Traditional gift “Silver”) : 1997 Gini, Recioto di Soave, Verona – A dessert wine so golden and delicious and known to age wonderfully. Sweet like the 25 years that led you to this date. Make it traditional : Make your favorite dessert and serve it on a silver platter with this Recioto!

the rest of our lives… to be continued…